Want to Sell More? SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

What makes sales so difficult? Typically, the people who go into sales do so because they like to talk. Unfortunately, great sales people are the ones that know how to shut up. Talking too much can very easily ruin a sale. The fact is most customers do not care what you have to say. Your job is to help them make an informed decision. In order to do that you must #1. Know what they are looking for. #2. Know why they are looking for it.
The only way you can effectively do this is to LISTEN!


Here is a good rule of thumb, you should talk less than ½ of the time that your customer does during the sales process. Also, of that ½ talking time you have ½ of that should be questions. It’s amazing how much you can learn from asking questions. It is also very interesting how much you can teach a customer about a product by asking questions.
Here is what I mean: If you were selling tires and the customer told you up front that they wanted their new tires to last at least 50 thousand miles but wanted to spend as little as possible. You would naturally show the customer what would meet his “quality” expectation first. As you are showing him the tire you would recommend you notice the customer starts to favor a tire that you know will only last 30 thousand miles but is more reasonably priced. You ask the customer the question, “Mr. Customer, Do you think it is worth the difference in price to get a lesser quality tire that will not satisfy your 50 thousand mile expectation?” Depending on the answer, you will know what is more important to him and know what is important to him will tell you how you can most effectively make him happy. This process is classified as a Win/Win. You win because the customer has just told you how you can best serve him. The customer wins because he will not feel “sold” he will end up buying the correct tire and he will leave with a favorable experience no matter which tire he ends up deciding on. The question you asked helped the customer have a better understanding of what would make them happy.
Do you talk more than you listen? Do you ask enough questions? Try it, you will be amazed!
As you go through your day tomorrow practice the art of teaching through questions. You will immediately have happier customers!


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