Whitewater Selling:

Imagine you were going on a whitewater rafting trip with some friends. Due to the amount of people, two buses had to be utilized and you had to choose which bus to get on. Both buses are leaving at the same time but here’s the catch. Bus #1 will be driving to the top of the river everyone will be riding the rapids down to the bottom. Bus #2 is going to drive to the bottom of the river and you will be paddling up rapids to the top.

Who would you prefer to ride with? Whose raft will be more enjoyable?

Bus #1, of course!

It’s the same with selling. If you start at the top, you are able to get the whole experience and if need be, you can ride all the way down to the bottom (saving your customer money!). But if you start at the bottom, it won’t be fun and you will never ever get to the top (costing your customer money!). (Click Here to read my Save vs Cost article) 

Show your best and you will be able to maintain a better ticket and a happier customer!


  1. Great Analogy Doug!

    1. Thanks Pete! I hope you are doing well.

      1. While many dealers are complaining that business is soft. My business continues to grow. How are you?

      2. Same here Pete. Business is typically as good as I want it to be. It’s funny how that works…

      3. Glad to hear that! And Yes Zig Zigler was right when he said, “Business isn’t good or bad out there. It’s good or bad between your ears”

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